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Visit Dr. Rondeau’s patient site at which is designed for patient education of orthodontics, orthopedics and TMJ health to the general public. This comprehensive site includes before and after treatment photos and a summary of the appliances used to treat patients.

Cerum Ortho
Cerum Ortho Organizers is a Canadian Company providing Canadian doctors with a complete and full range of technologically advanced orthodontic products ; with 24 hour service from our Canadian Warehouse which allows for border free purchasing.

Cerum Ortho advancing the future of Orthodontics!

SML (Space Maintainers Laboratories) began in 1957 with the commitment to offering more than just a laboratory service to dentists. From that day through to the present time, we have established a tradition of service beyond previously established boundaries and expectations.

We created a worldwide network of labs renowned for providing dental practitioners with the opportunity to receive the service and caring of a mom-and-pop lab coupled with the technological expertise, assets and resources of a large, globally realized company.

Supplying dentists world wide with orthodontic supplies.