“The journey continues with Dr. Rondeau… from functional appliances to fixed, how we affect the TMJ and the airway for sleep… my patients have benefited and so have I”

Dr. Frank Mams

“I’m new to ortho and this seminar helped me a lot. Especially I liked Dr.Rondeau’s online session-1.It has given me an opportunity to understand and learn about the basics of ortho. It’s really thorough and informative and very helpful to Dr. who has very minimum knowledge about the subject.”

Dr. Minal Upadhyay

San Joese, CA

“I’ve been to conference in Kraków/Poland at19032015 , Dr.Brock Rondeau had online lecture where he open me and my wife eyes to sleeping problem. I ask some of my patient about it and I found that it is big problem . I did’t know dentist can help that people and such problem is so serious. Some of my patient have sleepnig problem and they can’t use machine. I did’t know about it before.

Please send my greetings to Dr.Brock and say I and my wife thank him for opening our eyes to problems we can solve and help people .”

Dr.Darek Paliga, Poland

“I first took Dr. Rondeau’s Snoring and Sleep Apnea course and was highly impressed by the manual he had put together. It was very thorough, easy to read and is a great resource that I continue to refer to. After taking the TMD course I think his TMD manual is even better that his Sleep manual. His manual should be mandatory for all dental students.”

Dr. Kenneth Tripp